What is Snoozit?

Snoozit uses smart usage forecasting to provide IT managers an effortless way to save money and avoid downtime on virtual machines

Predictive AI to schedule your VMs

Schedule your VMs with predictive Autopilot

Snoozit uses your virtual machines’ historic usage data to predict future trends. Based on those predictions, Snoozit is able to schedule optimal startups and shutdowns for your virtual machines, saving you money and eliminating downtime.

No magic—just plain data analysis.

Activate and forget

Stay in control

Snoozit analyzes VM usage across your environment in real time and identifies ideal candidates for automated scheduling. You decide which machines to put on Autopilot.

If you change your mind, you can always turn it off later in a single click.

activate autopilot on a virtual machine

Activate and forget

Activate Autopilot on a virtual machine to put Snoozit in charge of its start-stop schedule. The adaptive algorithm takes smart action based on your real-time needs, ensuring an always-optimized environment.

Safety net to avoid pitfalls

Guaranteed availability when you need it

Snoozit's built-in safety mechanism ensures that scheduled shutdowns are only applied if no activity is detected on the targeted virtual machine.

That way, Snoozit never interrupts your work outside of its normal usage.

Visibility on your costs

Reports and notifications will give visibility on savings made with Snoozit Autopilot. Reports will show you: VMs total cost, Potential Savings with Snoozit, Savings ratio, VMs on Autopilot, VMs ready for autopilot and the lifetime savings.