Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work

How does Snoozit work?

Snoozit uses artificial intelligence to analyze the usage patterns and predict the future usage of your virtual machines. The forecast is adjusted in real-time to fit exactly with your needs. To know more, visit our Product Page

How can I create an account?

On the sign-up page, Log In with your Azure account to get your Snoozit access. All of your information will be automatically pre-filled. You can confirm your information in a few clicks. In mere minutes, you will access to the Snoozit interface.


What is Autopilot?

Autopilot mode on Snoozit is a feature that will auto start and stop your virtual machines on custom schedules. The schedules are defined after a complete analysis of the VM usage pattern.

      The Autopilot mode will create an agenda for each VM to give you
      visibility on the next status of your virtual machine.

Is it secured?

At Snoozit, we want to be fully transparent with how we handle your data in order to give you full confidence in using our products. All your data is fully encrypted to ensure its safety.

      We use third party tools to improve the user experience and suggest
      new features.

Can Snoozit stop a running task on my virtual machine?

Snoozit cannot stop a running task on your virtual machine. Our technology analyzes in real-time the activity on your Azure Environment. An active VM will not be shutdown.

Can I apply Snoozit on all virtual machines?

Depending on the usage pattern of VMs, Snoozit will determine applicable VMs for Autopilot.

Can I stop the Autopilot on my virtual machines?

You have the full control on the Autopilot activation. On each virtual machine, you decide to activate or deactivate Autopilot in one click.

Will I have access to the projected schedules?

Yes, you will have access to an Agenda to have a complete follow-up of the next start and stop on each VM.

How much virtual machines should I have at a minimum to use Snoozit?

Obviously, one at a minimum. We propose different plans to fits with your infrastructure and cloud usage.

Free trial

What is included in the free trial?

The free trial includes all features of Snoozit: real-time monitoring, custom recommendations, unlimited Autopilot on virtual machines.

When does my free trial start?

The 30-day free trial will start after the first activation of the Autopilot.

What happens after my free trial ends?

After your 30-day free trial, you will have two options: select an adapted plan or use Snoozit Free plan.


What is included in the free offer?

The free plan includes a diagnostic of your virtual machines’ schedules. It gives you a global overview of your virtual machine usage pattern and recommends you optimal schedules to apply on each VM.

This feature will be forever free. To apply these recommendations, there are two different ways: creating a runbook / Powershell script for each VM or apply these recommendations in one click through Snoozit Autopilot.

Will I have to pay a set-up or fees?

No. Snoozit is a plug & play solution, it is not necessary to integrate any script or set-up for your environment. It is ready-to-use.

I would like to subscribe for a year, is it possible?

Our pricing is a monthly basis. We do not propose yearly commitment yet.