Auto start and shutdown your Azure virtual machines with Snoozit

As an alternative to Azure Automation and Runbooks for auto start and stop Azure VMs, Snoozit provides an Autopilot to help you save time, optimize VM availability, and maximize savings on your virtual machines. This article will present you the keys to successfully using Snoozit to its full potential and maximize your savings. Let’s get started!

After connecting your Azure Account to Snoozit, you will find all the virtual machines of your tenant listed. Your virtual machines will be sorted in three categories: Candidates, On Autopilot and All Virtual Machines.

Candidates - Your virtual machines are ready for Autopilot

This is the first page you will see when you connect to Snoozit.

By analyzing your virtual machines usage pattern, Snoozit will identify the best candidates for Autopilot.

Your virtual machine list is always up-to-date with your Azure environment, meaning newly created virtual machines will automatically be added to Snoozit.


1 - A blue hover appears when you select a virtual machine on the list

2 - Costs of the selected VM for the last 30 days & predicted savings for the next 30 days (if you activate Autopilot)

3 - CPU Usage Graph - Past usage (in grey) and forecasted usage (for the next 3 days, in blue)

4 - The Forecast tab displays a list of upcoming start/stop schedules for the next 3 days. The History tab displays past events informations for this VM

5 - Toggle Autopilot switch

On Autopilot - Your start & stop schedules are on Autopilot

The “Autopilot” page gives you an overview of all virtual machines on Autopilot. On this page, you will find predicted and accumulated savings for each VM since the activation of Autopilot. If you click on a virtual machine, you will have access to the lifetime savings, potential savings, and savings ratio.

In addition, a list of the upcoming events is displayed under the graph. This is ideal to have visibility on what will happen next.


1 - Total accumulated savings for all virtual machines on Autopilot

2 - Costs of the selected VM for the last 30 days, predicted savings for the next 30 days & accumulated savings since the Autopilot activation

3 - CPU Usage Graph - Past usage (in grey) and forecasted usage (for the next 3 days, in blue)

4 - List of the upcoming events (Forecast) for the next 3 days & and list of the history for past events

5 - Button to deactivate the Autopilot

All Virtual Machines - A global overview of your environment

Some virtual machines are not good candidates for Autopilot because of their unpredictable usage patterns. Either way, you can always see all the virtual machines on the "All Virtual Machines" page.

Snoozit constantly re-evaluates your virtual machines to get up-to-date predictions, ensuring that your savings are always optimal. For example, a virtual machine which “Candidate” status can lose this status if its usage pattern changes. If Snoozit cannot predict the next event (start-stop) because of the new usage pattern, the virtual machine will stay in the “On Autopilot” category, until Snoozit finds a new start-stop schedule to apply.


1 - List of all virtual machines, including Candidates, On Autopilot and non-candidate

2 - Predicted savings for the next 30 days (only displayed if the virtual machine is a candidate or on Autopilot).

Reports - Make your costs, savings and optimization more visible

Snoozit will share a report on a bi-weekly basis in order for you to get a complete overview of your savings and how your Azure environment evolves. This report includes lifetime savings, potential savings, savings ratio and new virtual machines that are ready for Autopilot.

For detailed stats of each VM, log in to Snoozit > Virtual Machines on Autopilot > Select your virtual machine.


Your cloud environment is evolving and growing. Snoozit will show you opportunities for savings and automation on your virtual machines, for an optimized cloud.

Add a tenant - Increase your savings & automate more virtual machines

Snoozit supports multiple Azure accounts linked to different tenants to get a consolidated view of your virtual machines across all of your environments. To add an account, go to the "Cloud accounts" page and select "Add account".

Once you connect a new tenant, you can start activating Autopilot right away on any virtual machine candidate. After your first Autopilot activation, your 30-day trial period will start, allowing you to use all of Snoozit features for free during that period.


1 - Add cloud account

2 - Purchase Snoozit for this tenant

3 - Connect another tenant to Snoozit

To get a global overview of the app, we invite you to watch our product tour.