Auto startup and shutdown your Azure virtual machines - Whitepaper

This whitepaper is designed to empower your organization in its cloud journey. It demonstrates how you can maximize the value of your IT investments and optimize your cloud infrastructure through the use of Snoozit, a simple tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

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How to start and stop virtual machines with Azure Automation

The auto start and stop of virtual machines in Azure through Automation Account is a useful way to automate virtual machines schedules which leads to resource optimization and cost. Mainly when you do not use your VMs all day long.

To help you in your VM auto-schedule through Azure Automation, we listed the 3 main steps to achieve:

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Top 3 reasons to automate your virtual machines’ start-stop schedules

A large portion of cloud-based workloads depend on the performance and availability of virtual machines. Responsible, efficient VM management isn’t just important for keeping infrastructures up and running at peak performance; it’s also the key to cost effectiveness. IT teams must ensure that VMs can fulfill critical availability requirements while minimizing any unnecessary--and costly--uptime.

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How To Automatically Start & Stop Your Azure Virtual Machine

At GSoft, we've been active users of the Cloud for many years now, working mostly with Azure but dabbling here and there with AWS and GCP. While we always try to use SaaS and PaaS offerings as much as possible...

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