Auto-schedule your Azure virtual machines

Snoozit is an autopilot for your Azure virtual machines' start-stop schedules. Snoozit helps you save time, optimize VM availability, and maximize savings on all of your virtual machines.

Cost savings on virtual machine

Better understand
your virtual machine usage

Snoozit analyzes your usage patterns to determine the smartest possible start/stop schedule for your virtual machines. Optimal uptime, minimal cost.

Azure virtual machine's scheduler

Optimal schedules.
Minimal cost.

Constant real-time usage monitoring means your machines' start/stop schedules will always be optimized for current conditions.

Azure virtual machine easy schedule

Autopilot to reach
your objectives

Snoozit generates an optimal start/stop schedule for each virtual machine. Activate Snoozit on your selected VMs, then sit back and let your AI-powered Autopilot take care of the scheduling.

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